December 18, 2020

As autumn transitions into winter, it’s important to schedule a safety tune-up for your Brampton, ON, area home’s furnace. A problem with your furnace could put your and your family’s health and safety at risk. Here are seven steps we take when performing a safety tune-up of your home’s heating system.

1. Check Electric Controls

Furnaces have several electronic controls. These controls must be receiving the right current and voltage in order to operate safely. We check the electrical connections, wiring and voltage passing between the furnace and your circuit breaker. We also test the wiring between the thermostat and furnace. Electrical connections can loosen, and wiring insulation can degrade over time. We check for these problems in order to avoid an electrical short circuit or power disruption to the furnace.7 Steps in a Safety Tune-up For Your Furnace

2. Inspect and Clean Burner

Although natural gas burns cleanly, some dust and particles can get into the combustion chamber. Burning natural gas can also leave an oily or grimy residue on the surface of the burner. This residue impedes heat exchange. A crack in the burner could lead to sparks and a fire. We also look for soot on the burner. The presence of soot suggests that the combustion chamber has an air leak or that the furnace isn’t burning the gas properly. Soot could also be a result of a dirty air filter. We check and clean or replace the air filter during the safety tune-up.

3. Examine Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a metal box where the heated air that will be distributed into your home’s ducts is separated from the combustion waste gases. It extends from the burner assembly to the flue vent. Air gets hot as it’s blown across the metal surface in the bottom of the box. The heat exchanger must have an air-tight seal. Otherwise, the carbon monoxide and other poisonous waste gases could seep into your home. We test for carbon monoxide gas outside of the heat exchanger. Our technicians examine the heat exchanger and look for cracks, rust and corrosion. We also test the seal to make sure it’s airtight.

4. Test Ignition System

New furnaces use an electric igniter that doesn’t require a constant pilot light and flame. The most common type of electric igniter is a hot surface igniter. This type of system works like a light bulb. It contains a filament that gets hot when electricity passes through it. That heat is used to ignite the natural gas. Other furnaces may use an intermittent pilot. This type of system creates a spark when the thermostat calls for heat. We test these systems to make sure they’re working properly.

5. Check Exhaust System

The exhaust system of your furnace is critical to your health and safety. The combustion gases are poisonous, and they must be dispersed outside of your home. A crack or obstruction in the flue could allow those gases to seep back into your home. A problem with the fan could also allow the combustion waste gases to enter your home’s living areas. The combustion gases may corrode the furnace’s interior parts, which can lead to more problems and safety issues in the future.

6. Verify Gas Pressure

Verifying the gas pressure is important for avoiding too much or too little gas flow, which could cause a problem in the combustion chamber or with the pilot light. If the pressure is too high or too low, our technicians adjust the setting and test it again to make sure that the supply lines are delivering the right amount of gas. We also check the valves for signs of rust and corrosion.

7. Test Gas and Oil Connections

Your furnace’s oil connection keeps the system well-lubricated. The lubrication is necessary for reducing friction and preventing overheating of the motor. Testing the gas connection is necessary for avoiding a gas leak. A gas leak could cause an explosion. Our safety tune-up also includes checking your home’s carbon monoxide detector and its backup batteries.

Metro Air Limited is the trusted provider of furnace safety tune-ups in Brampton. You can also count on us for high-quality heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair, replacement and installation services. Our fireplace and indoor air quality services are designed to keep your home comfortable, healthy and safe. For more information about what’s included in our safety tune-ups, give us at Metro Air Limited a call.

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